Aquamarket Twins Reaktörler

Aquamarket Twins 120
Biopellet Reactor

4.125.00 TL

Diameter  : 120mm
Height     : 475mm
Footprint : 140 x 195mm
Capacity  : Holds up to 1-2 lt. of media
Pump      : AT-305
Wattage  : 25W

Aquamarket Twins 120 is a biopellet reactor highly effective at lowering nitrates in saltwater tank, a great addition to protein skimmer for water filtration.

3 way to use this reactor:
Carbon reactor: Leave sponge and bottom plate.
GFO reactor: Remove bottom sponge only.
BioPellet reactor: Remove bottom plate, bottom sponge, and top sponge.

Aquamarket Twins 80
Media Reactor

2.300.00 TL

Diameter  : 80mm
Height     : 375mm
Footprint : 109 x 109mm
Capacity  : Holds up to 1,2 lt. of media
Pump      : AT-303
Wattage  : 12W

Small space saving design
Simple Design
Easy to Remove Lid
Easy to Clean